Sexual Assault Support Services - North Queensland

Cairns Sexual Assault Support Service (Family Planning Qld Cairns)
Though not funded to do so, this service does support men.
Ph: (07) 4031 3590
After hours Ph: (07) 4031 3590

Druamalon Sexual Assault Service (Napranum)
Ph: (07) 4069 8160

Mackay Sexual Assault Service
This service does support men.
Ph: (07) 4968 3919

Mt Isa Sexual Assault Service
Ph: (07) 4744 4826
After hours Ph: (07) 4744 4444 (Mt Isa Hospital)

Sexual Health Program (Weipa)
Ph: (07) 4069 9036

Sexual Health & Sexual Assault Services (Mackay)
Ph: (07) 4968 3919

Tableland Sexual Assault Service
Ph: (07) 4091 4036
Fax: (07) 4091 4182

Townsville Thuringowa Sexual Assault Support Service
Ph: (07) 4775 7555
After hours Ph: (07) 4775 7555

Whitsunday Sexual Assault Service
Ph: (07) 4946 5211
After hours Ph: (07) 4946 5211

New Reports

Findings from the 2013 National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS)

The survey tells us that we have been able to challenge a culture that allows violence against women to occur. There have been sustained improvements since 1995 in a number of areas. However, there are other areas in which progress has been minimal, along with some concerning negative findings.

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Hidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children

Interpersonal violence – in all its forms – has a grave effect on children. This report sheds light on the prevalence of different forms of violence against children, with global figures and data from 190 countries, providing insights into risk and protective factors.

View report